I was so disappointed when none of you would talk to me. I left school heartbroken, what did I ever do to you but care about you? When you see me ; you just turn your backs or ignore me, Bitch get away from me. 



Life feels like your drowning in the sea, with never ending waves.  I can’t seem to get make it through, the question is how long can this continue for you give in to the waves that are drowning your existence? That date I make but never go on, those people I meet but never turn into friends, those missed church events, that car I want to drive, but won’t. 

Anticipatory anxiety 

I am so scared about tomorrow, I want to ask you out but I am afraid. I don’t want you to say no, I will not be able to handle being rejected a second time. Th  last time I asked someone out it was five years ago, it was so long! But I remember it like it was yesterday, how heartbroken I was when he rejected me. I haven’t forgotten how devastated I was, how upset, I was hurt. I don’t want it to happen again. 

Dear anxiety, I hate you! 

Dear anxiety, you have robbed me from living a normal life. You’ve stopped me from resuming some beloved friendships. Stopped me from being able to drive, made me lie to the people I love the most. Made me resent others for finding life easy, made me turn my back on her, when I wanted to reach out. You’ve made me depressed, to the point now where I think life is no longer worth living. I hate you. 


I walk around with my head low to try to get you out of my head. I can’t. You don’t care about me, you are supposed to love me and yet you are not interested, I feel disappointed and gutted, like a dark cloud is always raining over me. It never goes away. 

Diary of a socially inept girl 1#, sadness rating 70%

Hi I’m Sandra I’m 21 years old I’m going through a bit of a rough time at the moment. My best friend and old course friends, don’t talk to me I tried to reach out to them countless times over the past year,  to no success. What is their problem is with me? Is it because I’m boring and uninteresting? It’s always more one friend who does it at the same time. Hey guess what, you can’t be bothered to talk to me, same to you. I had such a good night yesterday, I saw my good friend and we had a great time just watching a film and hada laugh. True friends are hard to find but when you find them hold on to them!