The life of a shy and introverted girl 1#

I wanted to get to know you, be the one to fall in love with you, make you see that I was the person who could be there for you no matter what. Every chance I had I didn’t take, you tried to talk to me be friendly and engaging. I just couldn’t get the words out no matter how hard I tried. All day I spent crying my eyes out, for no other reason than worrying far too much. You offered me the chance of escape from my miserable depressing life. How could a girl who had everything lose everyone she ever loved? It was not normal behavior, considered socially unacceptable, rude, offensive and above all discourteous. I understand that when you look at me now you must feel repulsion perhaps even hatred, It is odd when I liked you so much to see the dislike in your eyes. I appreciate that you all gave me the chance, to be a part of this group. The truth is that I never took this chance, I was a lone ranger. I quite enjoyed it to be honest sometimes, but sometimes it left me so low I was wondering what the point of life even was. Keeping thoughts to myself working alone constantly, even when this was unacceptable and without a doubt awkward. Living this Jekyll and Hyde existence was depressing, exhausting and stressful, than Goodness its over now. 


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