I would give anything for you to be back. Give up my own life; all my wishes and apspirations now mean nothing. Do anything to see your smile again, the world feels lost without it. I try to wake up everyday and be positive but it is hard not to dwell on the fact that life took you when you were too young. You did not deserve to leave so early, and it is unfair that God took us away from you. I just can’t believe that i am never going to see your face again, it is too hard to get the concept into my head. I remember all those things you did for me, you were so generous and so kind, that i find it difficult to accept that bad people live on earth and unfortunately you no longer do. I wish i could tell you right now how much you meant to me, how much I cared for you and i wish you could see how now everyone feels so lost without you.


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