Diary of a socially inept girl 7# fed up rating OFF THE SCALE 

I’m getting tired, tired of no one understanding what it is like to feel worried about the smallest of things. Be too afraid to talk to someone because you don’t want them to think you are; boring and lame and uninteresting. I’m tired of being called unfriendly, distant, insincere. I’m just thankful to God I can leave the house in the mornings to go to work, which I know some people find hard. 


Diary of a socially inept girl 3#, anger rating 100% 

I’ve tried to keep up our friendship for more than a year, but you never respond to my messages requests, for us to meet up, enquirersabout your life. I’ve tried countless times and am so disappointed, so guess what?  I’m unfriending you on Facebook, unfollowing me on Instagram and I’m following you on Twitter and we are no longer friends, I’ve had enough. 


Diary of a socially inept girl 2# sadness rating 98%

I want to go downstairs and sit with my family. Just last week a few of my friends and family said I am incredibly socially awkward, well thanks. Now I feel even more awkward. I have no friends in this new place I live and I am not capable of making any. Probably in a few years I will live alone and see no one . The viscous cycle continues……..