Haunted House Part 1


The girl entered the house, when she was outside she heard a big bang and out sprouted five zombies and they were truly frightening. She bought out her backpack, and got out her gun and shot to pieces and they all burst into flames.


She thought she saw a white person, then she quickly realised it was ghost; she saw it and she screamed. Then out of nowhere came a man, he said “please leave this house alone, before I have to send you to the underworld”. Then out came Scooby Doo and Shaggy with their Scooby snacks and looking terrified. Daphne was looking beautiful, as always, Fred was looking handsome and Velma clever. The Scooby Gang all got out of their mystery machine with the ghost destructors which were shaped like guns and had the energy to obliterate any creatures. They used it on the ghost and it was gone for good. They then all went back into the house, but not before they saw a vampire, and Shaggy and Scooby ran away. Then Daphne asks Fred “do something”, so he called his dad the Mayor, who bought a cross necklace and put it in front of the vampires and they turned into dust, but Velma said “I hope there’s no more trouble around”.


I don’t know how to deal with this situation it is very odd because it is so uncomfortable because of me. I never expected what happened to occur just please try not to blame me forever. Lost in a world where no one can run to apart from me. I have isolated myself, so I am trapped and refuse to be let free. I don’t know how to be with my friends any more all we do is talk about the boy I’m crushing on and argue. If I was 16 I would have left early. People always laugh and pick on me now when they see me. A parody of myself I have become, cuz no one know what is really going on. I never try to integrate I always sit alone. It makes me depressed and wish I was at home. Will this never ending loneliness and boredom fade? These are supposed to be the best years of my life, but I am so afraid. I wish I had courage and a whole heap of confidence to say what I feel and be a part of this group, I never make any effort and I will always feel odd about it.


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I love to write. Especially when I get to express myself in my own words. It’s amazing. I could spend my whole day just writing if I could. And I love getting to share it with the people who like to read these as well. I write for myself and for you guys, cause I figure, if I’m going through a situation, then maybe someone else is as well. Idk it’s just great to let my mind free and just fill this empty, white space with words that just flow together to write exactly what I am thinking. It gives me joy and happiness. It’s just a great feeling. Like right now, I’m just sitting on the couch at my dorm, listening to music, and just writing away like there’s no tomorrow. And it’s quite satisfying. And I know you guys do as well, because if you didn’t, obviously you…

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Moments Of Silence……

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It was amongst the many dysfunctional days we spent together on my farm house. I had known her for years or maybe she was just too detailed and private to be known by a person like me. I was sitting on the steps just in front of my lawn pretending to admire the beauty of fully bloomed spring flowers. Although I have never been a nature person, rather, I ridiculed her when she admired the serenity of nature. But for some odd reason whenever, she wasn’t around I used to sit there and wonder how does she find peace in such still and meaning less things.

I heard the rumbling sound of her old red foxy. She parked her most loved possession near the row of my cars. She gave me a subtle smile like always and sat right next to me. We sat there for hours periodically looking into…

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OMG love this

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It’s kind of like walking a tight-rope over an abyss.

Apparently, the fact that I workandparent full time and I am also compelled to blog seems a bit strange to some people. Honestly, until they brought it up, it seemed perfectly natural to me, but now that I think about it,


I was happily unaware that I was walking a tight-rope over an abyss – until someone kindly pointed it out. Now that I know, it has occurred to me that this might be a little crazy.

Since I already have my crazy full on, I’ve decided to attempt to find someone to watch my children for three days/two nights and get away. I need a little quiet to listen to the whispers in my head.

I don’t know if or when it will happen or what will be the outcome, but…

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