Benegasms 6#

Benedict stroked my hand and gently sucked each one of my fingers, then hen he put his finger in my vagina, hard and stuck it right up. Then he took it out and wanked and sprayed his come all over me, which I tasted and enjoyed Then he licked my vagina his tongue swirling round trying to prolong my orgasm. Then 30 mins later I came and it was over

my hair

My hair is so skanky like weed, I want to pull it out seriously. I hate it so much why is it even there? I hate my stupid hair. One day I’m gonna cover it in petrol and set fire to it, in the hope that it falls out and fucks off. I don’t like the way it sits there, not moving or ever looking good. When should I get the scissors on it I want to now but everyone tells me no. I want it to be gone, I hate it, it is ugly and skanky. Someone please grant me wish and give me the snip because I don’t like it. 

16 Rules Of Modern Friendship

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1. When your friend changes their profile photo, you will be the first (or, okay, one of the first) to like it — even if it is an incredibly #basic shot that they have filtered so much that they hardly look like the same person. Profound friendship requires that you are a loyalty liker on social media.  

2. You will give their new significant other a chance. You will give them two, three, four chances — more chances than they deserve because, hey, if your friend likes them, they must have SOME redeeming qualities, right? 

3. However, the moment that they break up with their significant other, you will rush over to their apartment with a full box of double-stuffed Oreos, a Joni Mitchell mix CD (er, Spotify playlist), and trash bags so you can help them throw away painful relationship mementos. 

4. When they say or…

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Our friendship is unfortunately over

Feeling down about losing you I always believed we would survive. You and me are changing which is why we are growing apart. All the memories we have together I will always cherish but I know in my heart when the candle needs to be put out. I always saw your perspective of things which I know that others couldn’t and found it hard. I always wanted are friendship to last. I suppose my past behaviour has impacted on all my relationships at least this one hasn’t been affected by it. Unfortunately I believe if some is broken it can’t be fixed.

What are the benefits of listening to music?

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Okay. Here’s the deal. I am writing about this to share to you what music does to me. It helps me every time I don’t understand everything that is happening around me. What is music anyway? We know what music is but how does the dictionary describes it? “ Music  is an  art  form whose  medium  is  sound  and silence. Its common elements are  pitch  (which governs  melody  and  harmony ), rhythm  (and its associated concepts  tempometer , and  articulation ),  dynamics , and the sonic qualities of  timbre  and  texture .” (Wikipedia). Sounds complicated, right? Yup! Too detailed.  People relate to music and songs because it is like the cry of the hearts written into words. It is the words the heart wants to say but you just can’t say it straight to the person’s face or you just don’t know how to say it. You know, the…

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No Mum, I’m NOT Procrastinating

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I’ve been slack with writing for the past fortnight because I have been up to my eyeballs in lecture notes, furiously trying to shove information into my brain that refuses to actually stay in my bloody brain. It’s my fault, really. I’m useless at studying. Mum calls me and says:

‘Hello darling, how’s study going?’

‘Oh you know. I’ve been at my desk for two hours, but I haven’t started yet.’

Everybody procrastinates. We put off things we don’t want to do, by doing things that we think we want to do, but really we don’t want to do them. The further you get into your degree, the better at it you become. You work out ways that you can spend more time procrastinating and less time studying.

‘Bachelor of Procrastination, Minoring in enter degree name here.’

In my first year, I managed to get through the whole box set…

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